Playing games is often the favorite activity people like to do in their leisure time. You can play either solo or play in a group with your friends or people around the globe. There are various devices like Nintendo, PlayStation, various gaming consoles, PCs, and of course your smartphone. 

Among these devices, the smartphone has the largest number of video games of various categories. However, can you play the exact games on your smartphone that you were playing on other devices? Well, now you can with the help of an emulator called HappyChick. 

One Click to Setup

One click easy installation wihout any lenghty process.

Controller Compatible

Happychicks emulators comes with controller compatibility. If you are on Android device, simply start playing without any button mapping.

Cloud Support

Now save your game files and never loss game data using the advanced cloud support


How to Install

Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t require much storage and RAM power in order to use the HappyChick application. It can be used without any issues with a minimum storage of 200 MB and 2GB of RAM. 

The reason why it doesn’t require much storage is that HappyChick is a web-based application and did not store any gaming application on your app. 

Yes, the HappyChick emulator contains a huge number of multiple-player games that you can play with your friends. 


HappyChick is a great Android emulator where you can enjoy hundreds of video games without ever thinking about whether it would work on your device or not. Now, you can save a lot of money spending on different consoles and play all their games on a single device.